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   Technical Strategy & Management Consulting

Making well-informed decisions is crucial to keep an engineering based organization ahead of your competition. I can help develop good strategic solutions with you; together we can maximize project expectations.

I am proud to offer a consulting solutions tailored to specific needs. We will develop a highly-prepared team which will use project plans that are based in reality. Agile teamwork will provide superior results for your company.

My clients' operate at the highest possible productivity level. I provide technical management solutions that range from optimizing product development to supply chain management to equipment selection to high velocity manufacturing.

Selecting the location of a process or plant, choosing key suppliers, product development strategies, design execution, and technical training are just a few of the strategic tasks management needs to make. Together we will develop functional teams using a unique approach that will yield reliable results with a firm statistical foundation.

A team can evolve the tactics to support a sound strategy in any dynamic technical business situation. By applying mind-storming and statistical methods, we will develop plan that is simple to communicate to all our associates and provides for smooth decision-making processes.

Eastport Engineering can offer clients the maximum ROI from their consulting budget..



I believe that PEOPLE, plan and process are the fabric of business strategy. People are critical to any product development, sales, support process. I think we forget that people and relationships are the foundation for business. Businesses must emphasize their reliance on smart, motivated people to understand the creativity that is available.